The 1975 - Playing On My Mind

‘Playing On My Mind’ from The 1975’s new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. Out now -

The 1975 and Ben Ditto have curated an online exhibition of 14 artists responding to tracks from ‘NOACF’.
15 Lu Yang responds to ‘Playing On My Mind’.

Lu Yang’s commission for The 1975 is performed in the virtual world by his nonbinary digital alter-ego Doku, whom he’s constructed using the latest in 3D scanning, motion capture and digital modelling technology. 50 of his facial expressions have been recreated from ultra-high quality scans, while Doku’s pop choreography was performed by a dancer turned motion-capture puppeteer. His sneakers are glowing neon. His bare torso is lit up with incandescent circuitry. His hands leave trails of violet effervescence in the air.
“In the virtual world,” says Yang, “I was able to do things such as choosing my own gender-neutral body and creating an appearance that reflects my own sense of beauty, which are not possible in real life. I consider Doku as my digital reincarnation. He is me but someone else at the same time. Just like the Buddhist concept of alayavijnana [storehouse consciousness], he represents a stream of consciousness which lingers in different worlds and different selves.”
Unleashed from the constraints of having a physical body, Doku is free to dive into the mysteries of the universe and try to establish a greater sense of his own identity. “On a planet where time and space no longer limit our minds,” says Yang, “to live is to create and explore. Emptiness and loneliness become the ultimate romance.”
He shows us how our shared virtual world, the world of digital creation and imagination, the world in which you’re watching his film, is not so different from the planet without time and space of his imagination: it’s a creative place where we can play with our identities and explore ourselves, our many parallel selves, and prepare those selves for new dimensions and universes. A whole new cosmos of infinite possibility stretches before us.



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    Need to mint this into a NFT

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    Hi, do you think rkid is game on going halves on a Healy haze 1 till I get my UC cos I got sanctioned this month lol 😂

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    Some people say BTS is better than THE1975....XD...SUCH A NOOBS

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    I'm amaze you got Suga for this MV

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    I miss you guys

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    you gotta love the 1975

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    just recently found this gem as always loving it c:

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    why does it look korean?

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    1975: this song can go with anything animator: anything? 1975: ANYTHING animator: bet

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    Incribe que esta canción no pase del millon de vistas, en fin solo pocos saben de buena música.

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    Tengo poco conociendo sus canciones gracias a una personita y la verdad me encantan su musica saludos Mexico,Gto.

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    The mountainous continent significantly mix because chin dentsply shade above a calm aftermath. overconfident, silky dedication

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    Ce ți-am dat acum este credință, nu dispreț, un anumit fel de compătimire speciala pentru soarele care îți luminează luna...bea.. Dar daca amesteci cu vin si știi tu ce,ai dat eroarea gravă Eu merg mai departe in treburile mele

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    Ce simti este previziunea...unde te duci... Si Exista previziune si se numește instinct

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    Daca nu știi sa dai cu praf de mers la cine te trage in jos,la direcția greșită a speciei si la talentul de a o ambiționa sa dea eroarea,o sa te îmbolnăvești mai rău. Treaba ta,ca eu ți-am zis,v-am zis. Cat trebuie sa se miște leul si lucid si sa adore natura, ca sa supraviețuiască,doar,nu mai vorbesc de restul,in orice timp si mai ales in timpurile astea. In zona ta se vede atât de clar cum direcția greșită suge energia sufletească, încât abia ca ma țin pe picioare. Si nu îmi place de loc. Este un coșmar aici,atât de adânc, iar tie îți place ca sa cauți in el. Daca nu cauți cum sa te ridici, nu ai nimic de oferit, nici macar artistic. A descrie si a lăsa lucrurile așa, ba a mai accepta sa te duci mai jos este nebunie curată si nu o sa îți placa simptomele si o sa zici, De ce naiba nu m-am ridicat la timp. Timpul contează, nu banii. Inca mai caut textul,nu este ușor,stiu,sa privești ceva cu simțurile,sa gândești o căutare parca nesfârșită si fara rezultat. Element cinci si boala Așa ca nu primești mai mult element pana nu găsești. Cum o funcționa sa vorbești cu stelele,pe care le jignești daca nu le strigi in ajutor si te complaci. Iar ele judecă. In starea asta îmi aleg singură ieșirea,ca vrei tu sau nu vrei tu. Sufletul merge cu mine ca spirit de urmat. Energia alarmă Daca știi acum si înțelegi se numește ca ești prost daca alegi eroarea ca talent.. Eu refuz. Rock OZN metals

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    Cum nu faci muzica? Dar ce ,tu știi altceva? Ciudat

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    Faci muzica cu altcineva? scriam ca sa recapăt controlul la scris Am talent? Poate,dar nu ai găsit ce le place celor pretențioși Si ce caut? Eu...?

  • steve keller
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    Any video featuring the real band you can watch 100 times and it never gets old...but these animated graphic videos are a painfully boring. I hope they get back to making real videos for the next album. They have such an epic catalog of masterpiece videos!! The City, Robbers, Somebody Else, Love me, People, Sincerity...just pick any one.

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    Matthew Healy is THE peak master level artist

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    Even though this looks like someones Unreal Engine 4 first showreel, the song’s still pretty good.

  • Alex Cipolla
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    Really focuses on the teeth. Obviously a sticking point with ol' Matty.

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    You have to get lanie gardner singing with you......

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    I give up. I have to buy the albums,now.

  • Alexander Castellanos
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    Medicine: "Said I, I adore you" Playing on my mind: "The truth is that I still adore you" If it's really a reference within Medicine's context, then this is so fucking sad man...

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    The fuck happened to them? It's been monthssssss

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    Oh damn… "the truth is that I still adore you (drugs), and nothing really matters anyway" (;_;)

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    I swear all of their music takes you back to your first love. Extremely nostalgic 🎶

  • Siahn Webster
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    This looks like one of those weird dreams you have that you don't tell anyone (Coz it's weird) but you never forget it. Although that might just be me.

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    sans undertale...that is all

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    Te amo desgraça

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    looks like new tekken character

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    It might just be because I’m high but this music video is giving me lots of anxiety

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    Sick 😷

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    I literally just discovered The 1975 about an hour ago. This music video is very different than the other ones I've seen so far. Is that for a reason? Am I missing something? Or is it just weird for weird's sake? The animation is beautiful, don't get me wrong! I just don't know what's going on lol

  • marc k

    marc k

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    The creator explains the significance of it in the description. I guess it’s supposed to represent like, freedom from the physical body? That’s what I got from it.

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    Sup! I just started uploading on youtube and need to get into people's recommended. The algorithm sadly, wouldn't let small channels grow on their own. I'd really appreciate if you just went to my channel and saw the cover I did of The 1975. Thanks!

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    cyborg of life nice

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    I keep forgetting about this song!

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    This song can really make myself calm🥺♥️

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    I just know he did acid

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    this is so weird yet amazing

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    Sorry... great song, but this video just doesn't do it for me.

  • Jens Let's Play
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    Lyrically, this is probably my fav song off of Notes. It's just so... real

  • Arrozan Irvan
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    It has some "she lays down" vibes in it

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    is this the real official MV? I can't believe it...

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    I love you

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    every karaoke video ever:

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    he looks like a hentai senpai

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    watching this video reminds me of PH karaokes HAAHAHAH

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  • Biologically Human
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    They animated the dances but not the mouth movement.That makes me uncomfortable.And also,the song and the dance dosen't match up well.

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    Demifiend + sans=

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    One of the most relevant songs I’ve ever heard.

  • John Freitas
    John Freitas8 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Listen man. This video is utter poop. Instead of doing a video that has an actual coherent storyline and emotional pay off that matches the tone, they just give me a background to a Dance Dance Revolution game. Great song tho.

  • TOM
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    final fantasy ??

  • WhenTheWorldWasAtWar
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    Meh, they tried, but this is just dumb. Not everything that's different is "cool" or "good", this sucked.

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    stan bts

  • ca


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    you should read the description box and inform yourself first instead of making these comments!

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    O que esse boneco significa

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    노래 넘 좋다 ㅎ

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    Yo quiero esos sensores, pero implantación en mi

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    The movement and the animation of the mouth and eyes are weired, but I love the song

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    Karaoke dancing style

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    I'm still Searching for that guy lyrics comment

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    Am I watching a final fantasy cut scene?

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    This song so Vibe for my night

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    came here because denise from secret number😅 And now iam fall in love with this song🥰

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    lyrics Will I live and die in a band? My consciousness controls my hand She can't swim very well (oh, you wouldn't be able to tell) Let's find something to watch then watch our phones for half the time When we go for food, you have yours and I'll have mine It says, "Don't take these pills if you've been drinking any wine" Oh, these things, they have been playing on my mind These things, they have been playing on my mind I think I've seen the side of every road They all lead somewhere, I've been told Will I get divorced when I'm old? (Oh, why am I always cold?) And I met one of your friends and it was dead nice, he was fine But he said things that interest me exist outside of space and time Now, I know I should've left it, but who says that? What a sigh It all kicked off and it's been playing on my mind The whole thing has been playing on my mind I think it's strange that I still call you When I've got nothing to say The truth is that I still adore you And nothing really matters anyway And I won't get clothes online 'cause I get worried 'bout the fit That rule don't apply concerning my relationships See, I keep getting this stuff wrong, take me out, put me on Oh, these things, they have been playing on my mind The whole thing has been playing on my mind Oh, it's all been just playing on my mind

  • Sara Cristina
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    Very different vídeo, but amazing song like averything this amazing band do 💙💙

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    is this a diss to BTS? and why is his teeth like that XD

  • Shannon Jacobs
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    I love the lyrics. "I won't get clothes online because I get worried about the fit. That rule don't apply concerning my relationships, see I keep getting this stuff wrong, Take me out. put me on." because it's really deep and also it's just so true for so many people as they don't wanna jump to conclusions before everything starts and don't wanna be judged before they're given a try. That's just what I think but I know im not completely right.

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    Came here from people. Fuck

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    passing by to leave my thumbs up

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    devil my cry 6 looks good

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    I want this in 360 Reality Audio

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    So they are V- Tuber.

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    This band is so random I love it

  • Eric Rapp
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    Why is it that stupid ideas cannot be called stupid ideas anymore? Everything is "art" or "interpretation". Like no! This visualizer is absolutely dumb!

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    Omg i missed this 😳😳😳😳

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    Therapist sans isn't real Real sans...

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    could have used a better face rig

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    check out my music guys :D

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    Omg, he reminds me of Suga, in some parts of the video...😂

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    Kingdom Hearts 8

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    its jung kook....oohhh sugoiii kawaii desu

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    What's playing on his mind?

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    This is the only kpop i like

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    the song, the voice, the visuals..... everything is great

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    I want those pants!!

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