The 1975 - "And I do make art... thank you very much" | The 1975 Video Breakdown (Clip)

The new album from The 1975 ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ is Out Now -

Taken from The 1975 Video Breakdown, Matty chats about how Easter eggs in their music videos are there to make you feel personally addressed.

Coming soon to The 1975's channel, Matty goes in-depth on all their official music videos from their 2018 album ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’.

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    We hope you enjoyed this clip! Watch the full video of us taking Matty to the cinema where he breaks down all the videos from 'A Brief Inquiry...' 🖤 ▶︎

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    Babes you ARE ART

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    0:25 💘

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    I love how this is on their channel haha. Also is 'ch' on much is so.. emphasized

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    Deidara be like “and I do make art thank you very much”

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    Istg these guys fans are so fucking annoying

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    Oops the posh British came out with that "much"

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    i *DO* make art thank you very much

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    You are such an incredible guy.

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    i keep coming back to this whenever i doubt myself

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    Thanks Matty

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    I say after I draw a stick man...

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    freaking love this man

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    No one: Matty: And I dO make art, thank you very mucH

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    A true artist 😍💖💕

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    Ugh. Wish I could unseen this. So douchey... fame is going to your head really hard

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    No, Matty you are secretly fond of dropping Easter Eggs and you say you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny it’s a bit of an conundrum. Lmao keep up the work can’t wait for Vegas!

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    i think this is him secretly addressing the fummin little mix fans

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    I wrote a song in 15 minutes on my channel if anyone wants to check it out :P

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    reminded me of like Rik Mayall lol

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    Can someone please tell me what the 1975 font it pleassse

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    It gets even more funny each time you watch it

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    0:25 Reference - Hermione Granger

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    Bell end

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    Matty Healy looking like he just walked out of the 90’s with that haircut

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    This is the best 53 seconds of my life.

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    And i do make art, thank you very much😍😘wow sassy much Matt

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    He’s bringing ‘97 back with that hair cut lol

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    but you don't know that i know that you know that i know that you know

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    I'm so sad I can't see them in concert 😭😭

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    Anyone else miss the curls?

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    I came here for his hair style

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    Best soundbite "And I DO make art thank you very much!"

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    love the e boy hair mate

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    The first song I've ever heard from The 1975 is "Robbers"

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    are you the coolest human or wat?

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    Why is now all about him and the not about THE BAND anymore?

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    Why does Matty look like he's a rookie at Raccoon City??

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    I love that his clothes and hair are exactly what mine were in 1998 😂 he’s great. That video/song are great as well... cheers!

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    He’s so sassy. Love that 🖤

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    What music video is this for?

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    Matty your hair is art 😂 one day all curly and fluffy and the next blond headlocks 😂

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    Expressoblood2 ปีที่แล้ว 🎥 Humidity Built the Snowman - John Prine - 1/20/2018 - THmy I don't think that you know. That I think you don't know....

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    The reference that you know that I know Are we talking about the jamiroquai vibes for this video and song!!

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    this music video reminds me so much of the art we'd watch in my film class, i feel like one day they'll show it as an example hahah

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    category is: emo hair tbt

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    Please put subtitles in the next video about this. I want to understand everything what Matt is saying please (I'm Mexican and I don't understand very much the english)

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    He sounds like such a prick

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    Fuck that. You don't make Art if you have to thank you very much yourself... I Am Art. I Make No Apologies to® it either... It comes with growth. Time and distance distracts while bullshit an laughter attracts. Licks with old strips @illiapenrosa 🙈🙉🙊... Its not an attack on your craft Artistically you no need of adoration just be... #lovelightlaughter/motion

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