The 1975 - Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied

‘Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied’ from The 1975’s new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. Out now -

The 1975 and Ben Ditto have curated an online exhibition of 15 artists responding to tracks from ‘NOACF’.
11 Joey Holder responds to ‘Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied’

Words become affirmations become magical symbols become art in Joey Holder’s occultist response to ‘Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied’. Holder has been reading ‘The Book of Pleasure: Psychology of Ecstasy’ (1913) by Austin Osman Spare, who’s commonly regarded as the first “chaos magician”, and in this film she takes his century-old technique of sigil-making and puts it to use. To begin, Holder broke the song down into eight verses and, using Spare’s words and methods, abstracted positive affirmations from them which she scattered throughout the film:
“Life is a search for your truth,
Sexual sorcery,
Returns and unites,
Free at any time,
Revealed by all systems,
Forget dependence,
Somewhere unlearnt,
What you wish to believe can be true.”
Next, Holder turned these eight lines into eight symbols using Spare’s sigil-making technique. Again, these symbols are scattered throughout the film, often layered over footage of sacred diagrams and twisting, squirming eels, snakes and nematodes that seem to be forming the shapes of the writhing symbols themselves.
Lastly, she’s also added a moon to the composition, referencing the eight phases of the moon and the lunar cycle that’s so important for chaos magic and the timing of spells.
Her film reminds us of the central role music played in old pagan ceremonies and rituals, while also showing us the way forwards to new kinds of pleasure. Spare’s ‘Book of Pleasure’ insists that everyone is able to create their own magical system to enact change, and this is also what The 1975 want to do: to change themselves, and us, and the world with their music. Ultimately, Holder’s piece shows us that music is a kind of magic itself; and that, to quote her eighth affirmation, “What you wish to believe can be true.”



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    Listening to this album. And REALLY listening to the lyrics for like the 11th time. I’ve realized that I could relate more to these feelings than I initially perceived. Making it (to me) one of their best bodies of work. I disagree with most reviews of the album. I gave it several chances and it grew stronger on me.

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    It's that time again...

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    Nu există sufleț fără un vis frumos si corect Vrei sa continui poemul? Daca nu răspunzi este nu. Daca răspunzi este da. Acesta este doar respect in comunicare,totul clar... Si te analizezi daca il mai ai? Oh nu îmi place cum va întreabă nerușinarea daca vrei sa ajungi pe culmile succesului cu ajutorul altei căi. Dar este alegerea ta. Oare ar trebui să stiu?!

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    first line in Love It If We Made It: "We're fucking in a car," first line in This song: "I never fucked in a car, I was lying."

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    "Life feels like something is missing, maybe its you" 💕Nice!

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    Me going to church or thinking of God and listening to this song thousands of times

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    love the gospel choir from If I Believe You appearing in the beginning of the song

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    this song isn’t even a year old yet but I feel like I’ve known it for years

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    I fell inlove with arts. And this mv as well as the song make me fall again.

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    When you realize the title is the opposite of the Assassin’s Creed saying.

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    sin duda lo que disfruto mas que estos vídeos es leer la descripción y empezar a ver el mundo de otra manera nuevamente * emoji de brillito *

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    Life feels like a lie I need something to be true Is there anybody out there? Life feels like there's something missing Maybe it's you Is there anybody out there? I never fucked in a car, I was lyin' I do it on my bed, lyin' down, not tryin' Apathy for me is an issue, you see I just talk about the things upsetting me And I get somewhere, I don't like it Get somewhere, change my mind, eh Get somewhere but don't find it I don't find what I'm looking for Yes, and if they catch you slippin' Trippin' over you flippin' and they're listenin' And ribbin' over how they think you should be livin' That's life, kind of, maybe take some time off You can't live in denial, love, settin' it right Because if nothing is revealed, everything denied Learn up yourself before you talk it They need to see you walk it You don't fuck with your poor fans You meet the rich ones to expand your floor plans You can't figure out a heart, you were lyin' You're doin' in my head with your non-stop trying Never gettin' sleep and forgettin' to eat I pretend that all these things agree with me And I get somewhere but don't like it Get somewhere, change my mind, eh Get somewhere but don't find it I don't find what I'm looking for Life feels like a lie I need something to be true Is there anybody out there? Life feels like there's something missing Maybe it's you Is there anybody out there? (Anybody out there) Life feels like a lie I need something to be true Is there anybody out there? Life feels like there's something missing Maybe it's you Is there anybody out there? Out there

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    "We're fucking in a car/Shooting heroin" [I never fucked in a car] means "I did shoot heroin", because we are going to remember that the songs are related. [-I was lying / I do it on my bed lying down not trying] [Apathy for me is an issue you see/ I just talk about the things upsetting me] In "Love It If We Made It", the big idea of the song is a political statement of anger and concern. The contrast I feel he is drawing is that that song is (just) talking about the things upsetting him, and the inspiration is actually apathy. This fits in with his reaction after some people tweeted that he was just trying to promote himself by reminding people of the I can't breathe headline within that song. So this song is responding to that. As for the title, I think that nothing is revealed by putting together all those headlines. Everyone knows what it is talking about, and anything new is just a variation within the trends politically. listeningthis song before, I immediately connected to [Get somewhere but don't like it/ Get somewhere change my mind it/ Get somewhere but I don't find it ] combined with the feeing of [Life, feels like a lie/ I need something to be true] because I felt addressed by that combination. I would like for people to respond because finding this song's meaning or contributing to this song's meaning (these are two different things) is something someone asked for, somewhere in the comments on another video. somethingsomethingsomething

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    @Sol Kiyoko Ahha, it was only recently that I even noticed. sO this is interesting.

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    @Linda G Yeah I hadn't noticed any of this when I first listened to this until now it all made sense, thank you for this analysis! Hopefully others connect the other lyrics, this was really interesting. But yes it's crazy, even now it's so relevant and I don't think it will change any time soon, Love It If We Made It becomes more and more relevant as time goes by

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    @Sol Kiyoko There are some lyrics in this song which I am unsure of. Right now I feel almost wrong saying that nothing is revealed. I listened to Love It If We Made It, and I felt its anger. The world is crazy even a year or so later.

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