The 1975 - Having No Head

‘Having No Head’ from The 1975’s new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. Out now -

The 1975 and Ben Ditto have curated an online exhibition of 15 artists responding to tracks from ‘NOACF’.
13 Jacolby Satterwhite responds to ‘Having No Head’
“Proceeding with my studio practice amidst a massive civil unrest and pandemic is a challenge that has reset my vision and intentions tremendously. After visiting and recording a few protests in Brooklyn, the only thing I could execute at a time like this is a reimagined safe space and a tribute to Breonna Taylor. This digital memorial can be seen in my video for The 1975’s song ‘Having No Head’. The short animation film is an alternative universe and recreational park where post-human Black femme bots have superior autonomy and immunity in a natural landscape. The other figures wearing gold hazmat suits are headless and lack immunity. Lately, I’ve shifted my interest to modelling recreational park landscapes in response to my research into Manet’s painting ‘Luncheon in the Grass’ (1862-63). The painting is considered the start of modernism and was controversial for depicting a female nude as the bourgeoisie and non-divine. Because 2020 is a major global paradigm shift, I feel like we are finally entering a new collective historical movement and theoretical shift as drastic as the dawn of early modernism. Therefore, digitally reimagining and reanimating ‘Luncheon In the Grass’ has become my main motif for pieces like ‘Having No Head’ and other projects I’m currently producing. A gesture that welcomes the new movement.”
Jacolby Satterwhite


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    Te amo desgraça

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    Sup! I just started uploading on youtube and need to get into people's recommended. The algorithm sadly, wouldn't let small channels grow on their own. I'd really appreciate if you just went to my channel and saw the cover I did of The 1975. Thanks!

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    when you start the game on a weak computer

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    i’m really hoping some of the money made this video went to her family or the blm organization or at least was put into mutual aid for black ppl or otherwise i don’t care for it at all.

  • aphex brothers

    aphex brothers

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    so fucking sick of the “awareness” please ducking do something when i have the money and especially the platform fuck Matty u piss me off

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    that looks like rendered in blender evee XD

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    Wow I’m losing my head over this banger 😃☝️

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    Its FKA isnt it?💜

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    Utterly stunning💚

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    you could've called me and recorded this video on my pc, im pretty sure it would have more frame rates than this

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    Bruh the earths core is where Luis at

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    Nice video. Thank you for sharing. New friend here. Stay connected 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻..

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    Are those mindless sexually dancing robots supposed to be mocking today's top pop music videos where girls are oversexualized and just stupidly dancing and acting like they are an actual sex robots? if so then I the message

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    Kayyy this is some weird trippy shit, I'm not trippin so I don't get it.

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    I don't get this video. 🙄

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    15 fps

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    Nobody: "So___no_Head?" Me: " Cyberpunk Reference".

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    I was trying to find videos on the year 1975, how did I end up here?

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    Creative directors meeting: "I think we should make a music video in UE4 and lock it to 19fps" The meeting: "Perfect."

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    Booooooooooo. This is garbage 🗑

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    I knew i always loved the 1975. As a black woman i can love them even more knowing they arent blind to my peoples issues. In these visuals and in the lyrics to love it if we made it❤

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    Dude porter needs to collab with these guys on Nurture

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    Check out my music guys i think youll like it at least a LITTLE BIT if you like the 1975!!!

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    This is just far beyond beautiful, thank you guys for this gift.

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    This is what it's like to chew 5 gum.

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    is this low fps on purpose or is there some other reason that its like that? also this animation(?) looks like it was made in daz studio

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    Finally thei're getting the techno, like the future !@!

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    Elaborate #CRAP.

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    it'not music it's art

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    This remind me of avatar idk

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    why does this run on 20 fps

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    This is true genius.

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    Why is this era less appreciated in conjunction of iliwys era? Sure you're not getting your major key in an axiomatic pattern but you are getting these transitions that shake your soul with diatonic progressions. The 1975 really does deserve more fans not visitors.

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    reminds me of getting lost in MMOs as a kid

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    That bass at 4:08 is one of the sexiest things I've ever heard

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    I asked her for *The 1975* tattoo . . . . Guess I'll carry The 1795 tattoo for the rest of my life..

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    wasnt there another visual with some girl that ended up having like blood poured on her? did they delete it or something? i can find it anywhere so I was just wondering

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    I hope we’re all just dancing

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    Words cannot describe how much I love all these responses to the songs. Every single one is so personal and unique, it's so interesting, so moving.

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    A 1975 song with a 1995 framerate.

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    so ordering a music video from a video artist is the same as ordering one from an actual animator except the end product looks horrible

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    Hi Elijah I know you're a big fan of 1975,if u read this I just want to let u know I'm still into uuuuu👉👈^_^

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    *your dream reflects your deepest mind* my dream:

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    Are we really that bored with music? This is call music.

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    i got a notif earlier that the 1975 posted a visualiser for jesus christ 2005 god bless america??? was i just dreaming or was it deleted??

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  • U. dick
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