The 1975 - Streaming


‘Streaming’ from The 1975’s new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. Out now -

The 1975 and Ben Ditto have curated an online exhibition of 15 artists responding to tracks from ‘NOACF’.
03 Christopher MacInnes responds to ‘Streaming’.

From its opening frame of found My Little Pony fan art, Christopher MacInnes’s video for ‘Streaming’ takes us on a hypnotic journey through the backwaters of the net: imageboards like 4chan (United States), and Dobrochan (Russia), Komica (Taiwan) and Hispachan (Latin America) that have grown increasingly influential on mainstream culture.
His film navigates this new visual language by using a web-scraper and a pixel diver, both of which he developed himself, to clandestinely collect images from these boards and animate them in space. “Streaming,” he says, “is us interfacing with the network body, a direct patch to cooled server racks in darkened data centres, to machine space. In this sense, streaming is a sublime (in the Latin sense of sub, “up to”, liminis, “a threshold”) activity, taking us to the edge of where human space ends and machine space begins. The web-scrapers are performing ‘streaming’ in a similar way, posing as a counterfeit human (you have to write them to appear like genuine, web-browsing humans, or risk getting blocked) in order to enter that threshold space and drift along its surface.”
Having stream-scraped the boards of images, MacInnes used his bespoke pixel diver to explore what he’d found. Over a twinkling piano and synth intro, we go diving through a sea of pixels, a dizzying procession of deconstructed images that accelerates towards the song’s droning crescendo before releasing us into a blissful slow drift.
By fragmenting these images, he explains, he “takes them away from being representational forms and towards an infrastructural form that the viewer must pick their way through. This facilitates an immersion in the deranged pre-consciousness that underpins the infrastructures of contemporary culture.”
In MacInnes’s hands, the collective unconscious of today’s imageboards becomes a dissociative space we can fly through. Kitschy throwaway images are remade as great cosmic flightpaths, and we’re shown just how much depth these flattened pixelated images and warm, euphoric synth tones can conceal.


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    Confetti 🎉

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    don´t click on this video if you don´t wanna go on spiritual journey with The 1975

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    I'm really high and watching this album in entirety and this is art my dudes

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    My brain at 3:00 am when I know I have to be up in an hour.

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    watched and listened to this at 2am in my room pitch black what an experience

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    What the hell are you doing here Rarity?!?!

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    this is like a artistic version of dense shitposting

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    Does anyone notice this sounds kinda similar to 'Be my mistake'?

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    Where's the birthday party? :[

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    Such a Kubrick trip...2021

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    Bit surreal to start with MLP, then transition to online media and shots from the Owl House , Hilda, and various anime. Definitely an unexpected and visually interesting way to showcase the instrumental.

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    I see anime girl and i click... not everyone is difficult

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    These visualisers really make me get the album and appreciate it a lot more. Impersonally don’t like a lot of songs on it but l get the whole vibe now 🤧

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    All these videos are just blatant shit posting

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    I was waiting for Monika to appear

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    holy shit watching this high is mint

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    Who else here believes in pony?

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    Watching this on VR...

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    wtf is the 1:19 logo? come on matty u really want put to work on us

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    who else hears a tiny bit of the birthday party in there? or maybe i'm just going mad

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    autaghfghhh cobnsumption please god let me die

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    where were you when 1975 went full sewerslvt

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    Why is there Rarity at the opening 😂

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    Second gen Forester XT at 0:55... tight

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    how did they edit this omg

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    how do I not see a single comment about sweet bro and hella jeff. i mean this has dave strider written all over it to the point where I have to wonder if they got hussie to be involved

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    I feel like this is an acid trip gone right

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    Scrolling through Ben Ditto’s feed

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    Yall better be streaming this

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    I want the team to make a file of all the pictures they used for this video. I think it would be very entertaining

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    I want BALDSKI

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    this whole video looks like a marvel movie intro

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    It’s like you’re free falling through the entire internet

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    Super car planet

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    Go listen to dissimulation not this, you can listen to it next week

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    V recommend anything from the cloud atlas soundtrack if you like this style of music

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    I can't wait to watch this high

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    Somehow I really felt like this is a visualization inside Matty's head. All of the anime scene really reminds me about the lyrics "the first time we went to Japan, was the best thing that ever happened" from the Guys song.

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    I want to see bald JJ. You want to see bald JJ. Let’s do it fam.

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    i see animu, i click. i see the 1975, double the click.

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    This is an exhibition... essentially.

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    I caught misaka mikoto and that makes me happy

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    Matty is a weeb confirmed

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    i see. so much japan things here

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    Amazing like always 🇮🇪♥️♥️

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    This is like the marvel intro but on drugs

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    Ksi right

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    Dissimulation > this

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    These visuals are so rad

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    I did a review about the album on my blog

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    Ah yes mushroom season

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    Why was there a lot of anime and manga references in the vid tho?

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    I guess this is what your life flashing before your eyes feels like

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    Guys I have the full NOACF album here for your personal use.

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    like Picasso set to music Its inspired my new songs and video channel Revolution 17 neil stanley on to better things roll on 1975

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    I click because of the fucking thumbnail. I'ma goddamn weeb for sure.

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    Has anybody tried watching this with 3d glasses on?

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    watched that for the first time baked, whew!

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    i'm giggling at myself hehehehe

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    Bro why are there anime girls in it

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    Something about how this song just flows so beautifully into the The Birthday Party on the album gives me chills every time!

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    The end of Evangelion 1.38

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    So they just made an inferior C418 track?

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    matty weeby

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    The 1975 is over here trying to make a visual album out of Notes. I’m not complaining lol that would be dope.

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    right, what's all this then?

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    Resumen: cuando los chicos se drogan miran monitas chinas :3

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    when u make deepfried memes to an aesthetic

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    Nice trip tho. Oh wait, that’s a music video.

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    Приятное ощущение, когда видишь новое, свежее, это как ветер перемен)

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    Feels like Sigur Ros

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    I wish they would have just made a separate ambient music ep instead of throwing them in an already long record. One day I hope they’ll do something different like they did with People and cut off all the new wave synths and just make a record that’s bare bones.

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    I can see a lot of anime and manga.

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    Watching this high sent me flying my guys. I started watching this fine, when it ended it felt like I woke up in another dimension.

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    this is what i see when i stand up too fast

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    Any band that puts segues like this between their songs on their albums, that's my goddamn jam.

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    for a 1 minute and 38 second video there's like 1 hour and 38 minutes worth of stuff to dissect.

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    u try the algorethime ?

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    0:26 レールガン?